Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sauerbraten glitch.

So one of my more favorite games Sauerbraten aka cube 2 expressed a strange artifact. Its done this plenty of times before this particular event. It appears for some reason the textures in the game are expressing the contents of a window behind the game screen.

Strange right? Well I never really noticed until I realized the textures were representing the contents of a terminal application I regularly use called nethogs.

Anyone have an idea about this?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Much needed update.

So a lot of things going on the last few weeks full of highlights and downs usual to this organic terrain unit.

Going to start out with some garden photos and progress update on the patio garden.

Looks like my hybrid NFT system is starting to get its start aside from various issues with water chemistry and well the rather precarious issue with my main reservoir depleting itself  due to leaks (algae clogging the output) and the wicked Midwestern heat.

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How wicked awesome fertilizer is made for next to nothing. ended up making about 4L of highly concentrated worm tea!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Angels are seriously scrambling for this one now.

I am choosing to share this wish with the world and the universe.

My wish.

I wish to have the abundant tools, energy, supplies, and experience to end fear,hunger, indifference, violence and oppression in the world.

To build a world my ancestors and my children's children will find a great abundance of peace and joy in knowing a world without evil of there own freewill and free-agency.

A world were people use there free agency to contentiously and subconsciously make the world a better place.

To share abundance with family, friends and my global community.

I wish on February 28th 2014 to win the 1 million a year for a very long and productive life then pass it along to my offspring so they can take care of there own offspring.

So we can correct whats wrong on this world so we don't corrupt other worlds when we eventually go off into the heavens to colonize other worlds, or build new ones like ring-worlds, Dyson spheres, and digital ones.

I truly want to give a better world to the universe.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Experiments with 555 CMOS oscillator circuitry.

!!!! DANGER !!! 



I am not responsible if you do experience adverse reactions to this video or if you decide to replicate this experiment.

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Yesterday I was tearing up the garage in order to find some bicycle parts for my ebike build when I found my fathers old Radio Shack experiment lab. I was not able to find the part for the bike I was originally looking for but I did find the electronics lab along with a much needed visor for my DOT approved motorcycle helmet Gotta think safety...

Yesterday evening I picked up were I had left off with a simple 555 cmos oscillator circuit conveniently the first project in the supplied printed educational materials in the kit as well over here http://cornerstonerobotics.org/curriculum/lessons_year2/erii5_555_timer_astable

Single 555 Oscillator circuit.

Here is my second circuit I assembled to see If I can drive two 555 IC's with separate variable resistors and control them separately. This is going to eventually build into either DC PWM speed controller for my bike or even cooler Ill eventually roll my own brainwave entertainment device aka analog bin-aural beat machine. I cant wait to chase that electro-etheogenic dream.

Fun times with dueling 555's

lights dimmed for full micro rave effect. Uhmph, uhmph, uhmph, da, da..

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cubical security systems.

This circuit would have come in handy when I was working out of the last cube farm I was assigned. I had a dickens of a time with coworkers stealing cables and office supplies from me.

Might have also been cool to add a Wifi MAC proximity sensor, Time stamp and email/twitter cubicle violation with this information.

As an added feature you can throw in a relay to drive a car alarm siren or a pneumatic air horn. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Applications for Graphene ink and printing on Hemp fabric.

I am starting to think I really need a Job. With all this idle time I have been watching a lot of documentaries about Nikola Tesla and some of the founding fathers of modern science.

I may be damning myself but felt inspired to pray today for inspiration and to unlock the flood gates of inspiration and or help me to put myself in a similar mindset of these great pioneers.

I guess you might say BE VERY FREAKING CAREFUL what you ask for as now I have strange headache and my eyeballs ache due to some ideas I have going on right now.

The first thing that I did today after the caffeine and nicotine started to kick in was to adapt part of a wire shelving unit my wife recently decommissioned. I had originally used it as a stop gap measure to keep the family cat from eating the fish in my beta aqua-ponics system.   Today seeing the fish were being digested by the cat I figured ill strip some of the insulation and solder a single wire to the structure and ground it out through my multi-meter and then place it in front of various household electronic devices.

I really wasn't able to get and voltage readings by i was certainly able to get anywhere from .001 - .006 amps in front of my sharper image ionic breeze air purifier with each major crackling discharge of the unit. With that said its starting to get the gears going on how many different applications this can benefit such as medical sensory devices, spooky communications devices, and electric vehicles.

Take that a little further there are some very interesting things you can do with something as simple as carbon in a particular form called "Graphene". Graphene is a "new" amazing wonder material that can be made from burnt trash, graphite pencils applied to sticky tape, It can also be suspended in a ink like solution.

That ink like solution can be printed with minimal effort with common off the shelf components like the tons of ink jet printers thrown away every week by people not being able to afford a simple ink cartridge refill kit.

Graphene printed on fabric.

With that said why not simply purchase or roll there own graphene ink solution and start printing there own circuitry directly to a non-conductive medium comprised of either synthetic or for the bigger kick something biologically sustainable like cotton or preferably Hemp cloth?

There are countless applications for this technique. Particularly smart aerospace fabrics for adaptable smart aircraft wings and tails, spooky smart books, and wireless energy velomobile skins to keep down weight of having a load of SLA's or roasting ones flesh with a hint of lithium. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ebikes in the winter.

So today I got everything buttoned together on the basic ebike project of mine. Took it for a spin around the block with a full charge on my 36v 20Ah battery pack and about half way around in the 10 degree weather really started sapping my battery bank. Thankfully I was able to simply switch it into assist mode to get back to the apartment.

This kinda set off a brain storm, What do people do in cold weather to assist there EV setups? They either add insulation or heat. In this situation I think I might end up doing both to keep temperatures within operational parameters.

I give you the beta ubber cold weather ebike battery bag.

I absolutely cant wait to try this out tomorrow in the snow! And I am totally going to have to dig up my snorkel to reroute my hot breath through my clothing so my glasses and motorcycle helmet dont fog up. I got this idea from   from the following about blog post. http://bicycling.about.com/od/howtoride/tp/fight_foggy_lenses.htm