Friday, May 27, 2011

Patriot act extension and modern day Tea Party

So it sounds like rocket scientists on capitol hill have extended the Patriot Act for another four years to expire June 1st 2015. If you ask me this a major lapse in judgement on the part of our representation, and the upholding of our constitutional rights. On one hand some the of the provisions make sense, and on the other hand I can seriously visualize our country's founders flailing around rashly in their final resting spaces.

Maybe per chance folks need to put their foot down! And by this mean figure out how to rationally and maturely resolve the root of the issues that are causing our current global issues.

Some of my ideas are as follows.

1) Get rid of the vicious cycle of hate and fear.

This can be achieved by promoting true peace, understanding, and most importantly RESPECT!

2) Find a way to free ourselves from financial slavery. This is both personal and collective level. Can be boiled down to #5.

3) Find a way to provide for everyone true basic human rights. Such as food, shelter, freedom, clothing and education/Intellectual advancement. Can be boiled down to #5.

4) Further the cause of Tolerance, Respect, Dignity, and understanding on the global theatre level. Can be boiled down to #5.

5) Promote personal responsibility/accountability.

A society were someone points the finger of blame, and a mob of angry ducks come flying in is no society by my standards. This apply s to many aspects of society. Be it media circuses, draconian justice systems, or inept "legal" governing body's.

Hopefully within the next four years our collective can mature to the point we can repel these draconian emergency policy's. and or will not need to have such horrible across the board gag orders!

- The IndustrialPhreak

Original Slashdot article that triggered the latest storm of neuron activity.

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