Friday, January 31, 2014

All the world needs is love

I was fortunate to grow up in a loving service oriented household. I wish I could give that same opportunity to everyone as it just might solve a lot of this worlds problems. 

From self centered fearful actions like War, famine, intolerance, and idle hands. 

War can be avoided, those in need can be feed by those with more then enough, and if people had something to be passionately as well positively motivated for the world might just end up being a better place to leave to the following generations. I do not intend to throw a negative light on the current world but this is one of the primary reasons why i have avoided having a family and developing my career until now.

Ebike build.

So its been a few years in the making. I've owned this 1kW ebike kit for probably three years, the last time I have done any serious work with it was when I was living in Ralston Nebraska and that was with it installed on my dirty grease and sand abused Trek bicycle. At the time there were several things going wrong with that setup namely the years of abuse I logged on that frame as a gasoline powered outside only bike. 

Flash forward about three years with about 30 monthes of confidence boosting regular employment supporting external RAID devices I thought maybe I should just go for it. 

Now that I have been unemployed for about six month's I started running out of projects to work on as well funds I thought maybe I needed to see what I had squireled away in the rainy mad scientist lab. Low and behold I was able to find all the parts needed to get this up and running. 

Going to be doing some millage to watt testing manually with a multimeter this next week to see what kind of performance I can get from my rebuilt 36v 20Ah battery pack (3x 12v 20Ah gel cells). 

It would be a barrel full of monkeys to eventually investigate alternative and renewable on the go charging solutions and figure out some way to go about it open source. I particularly take a fancy towards solar and possibly augmenting it with wind power. 

Regarding adding solar panels to the bike I might be best looking into something I could roll up and pack away in a saddle bag like some of the options PowerFilm has to offer. 

Now regarding wind power I could purchase a fiber glass telescoping flag mast like below and do a vertical high visibility fabric like day glow orange/yellow kevlar for the flexible blades.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#AwkwardSTNG memorys/moments.

Please feel free to share your memory's of some of the more Awkward moments you experienced with STNG or with the more general Science fiction multi-verse.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Opening of the door.

So it looks like one door closed and another one may be opening.
 Thankfully I am going to take this a positive learning lesson.

#1. Do not stray from your personal and ethical convictions. Staying true to your beliefs and the pursuit of joy, peace and freedom should be one of the most important things.

Freedom as in financial liberty, personal ownership of ones computer, devices, speech,  and intellectual pursuits.

#2. Do not let anyone tear you down and render your dreams to shreds of tissue paper.

#3. We all have an amazing power to overcome all odds and oppression. What we need to do at this time is realize this and send as much positive energy and support to those in need.

#4. Respect. We all need to learn the basic principle of respect as in the line of statement #2 above. Just because some mindless robot is dictating verbatim from arcane books and quack science book you still need to garnish them with basic human respect. these robots thrive on fear and confusion. Ripping them a new one or attempting to correct them is pointless and might be simply throwing gasoline on there little book/witch/cross burning party.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Holographic storage and photonic computers.

Okay people... A little late to the game but it appears there was a awesome company called InPhase 2000 - Oct 17th 2011(spun from the finest pork loins of Ma Bell) there assets were sold to a company called  Akonia Holographics, LLC around August 10, 2012. My question is Akonia H. When are you going to step to the plate with a commercially available product? I will do anything to have the honor of being a beta tester for your device pretty please?

So I remember years ago in the early to middle 1990's being wowed by a episode of beyond 2000 regarding a new concept of holographic data storage. The bastards even had a working prototype that they demonstrated a read and write cycle sample video of the reporter.

Flash forward about two decades later, Why are we still using magnetic media let alone traditional transistor based logic circuitry? Were oh were is our photon gates, our childrens educational toys featuring lego like laser mazes that one can use to etch there own holograms or setup basic optical computers?

I mean for Christs sake people think of the idea of having storage and processing power all in one small translucent package. As it stands with current computer technology there is a serious bottle neck between peoples raw data and there processor. IF we can simply merge processing and data storage with the redundancy of holographic storage we can literally jump light years in the field of AI and quite possibly the bounds of space and time by unfolding the secrets of the universe.


WTF happened to holo-storage?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Why are we still using gasoline?

So after watching this safety test video here I am wondering why the heck are we still using gasoline?

Daily affirmation of gratitude to the universe.

Daily affirmation.

I am thankful for my immediate and extended family and friends. You have absolutely no idea how much you all mean to me regarding your emotional, spiritual and intellectual support that you enrich my life with.

I am also extremely thankful for all the good times along with the hardships life offers us. For the sweet little things in life to the contrast the hardships give to us by helping us truly realize how sacred the good times can be for us all.

I am ecstatic for all the opportunity this year will afford my wife and I.  In particular the earth centered experiences and the reliability of discovering ancient wisdom of our for-fathers and mothers along with building onto this amazing foundation of sustainable life practices.

Cheers to the brave new world we are creating day by day by planting the seeds of peace, love, respect and light. May you germinate in the fertile soils of the human spirit. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Some interesting parallels between the recent W VA chemical spill and the ancient military doctrine of salted earth.

Additional Update here. 

Petition the white house to investigate the W Virginia toxic chemical spill.

So apparently per 64 year old Joe Stanley   of W. Virginia we have been dumping the highly toxic chemical  4-methylcyclohexane methanol for decades into tapped out mines and unlined slurry ponds. With that said he states he has not drank local water sources for years.

So my question is regarding the current and very real threat our water works are doing is why the hell did one of Virginia largest water treatment plants was storing a 48,000 gallon tank of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol? 

What in gods name possessed West Virginia American Water  to store this chemical on there property to begin with?

I do not intend at all to sound like one of those batshit aluminum foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists but how can a business or let alone any competent *responsible adult do something this hair brained unless they were planning on eventually allowing the chemical to leach out? 

It all simply sounds way to convenient the last few years of events like nuclear meltdowns, chemical spills and poisoning of our food sources either at the point of agriculture or in the processing plants
(pesticides/processed food "preservatives","food like products") . It all seems like there is a very real threat to our communities from all links of the government industrial complex chain of command.