Friday, January 24, 2014

Holographic storage and photonic computers.

Okay people... A little late to the game but it appears there was a awesome company called InPhase 2000 - Oct 17th 2011(spun from the finest pork loins of Ma Bell) there assets were sold to a company called  Akonia Holographics, LLC around August 10, 2012. My question is Akonia H. When are you going to step to the plate with a commercially available product? I will do anything to have the honor of being a beta tester for your device pretty please?

So I remember years ago in the early to middle 1990's being wowed by a episode of beyond 2000 regarding a new concept of holographic data storage. The bastards even had a working prototype that they demonstrated a read and write cycle sample video of the reporter.

Flash forward about two decades later, Why are we still using magnetic media let alone traditional transistor based logic circuitry? Were oh were is our photon gates, our childrens educational toys featuring lego like laser mazes that one can use to etch there own holograms or setup basic optical computers?

I mean for Christs sake people think of the idea of having storage and processing power all in one small translucent package. As it stands with current computer technology there is a serious bottle neck between peoples raw data and there processor. IF we can simply merge processing and data storage with the redundancy of holographic storage we can literally jump light years in the field of AI and quite possibly the bounds of space and time by unfolding the secrets of the universe.


WTF happened to holo-storage?

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