Thursday, August 25, 2011

Urine powered cell phones/mobile devices.

Wow~!~ Pee powered cell phones interesting news apparently in the future we will pee on our cell phones to charge our battery banks. Makes me wonder if this will finally make it acceptable and common place to urinate in public? Honestly officer i had a business call and i was needed a quick charge. :'3

On additional note we may be powering our office buildings on ?????r

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sounds like Apples lawyers have some serious balls.

Theirs a ongoing battle in European court rooms, one of the funny highlights is the fact a major corporation is caught red handed using the trickery of photographic modification. The interesting fact is why are they not finding it as terrible if you or i lyed/submitted false evidence in a case? They would string you or i up with red tape! i PAD And now their going after samsung concerning the iiii plone

This is nothing new... the oil industry has been doing this for years :'3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Atomic polar bears....

Atomic Russian polar bears In this article it sounds like russia is planning and atomically powering a fleet of polar bears drilling for oil and natural gasses at our polar caps. all things considering, the parent companies are going bankrupt. and their trying to get the project seized and protected by the courts to protect the 340 Million dollar project.

Be very very very carefull with this one...

Make sure you use a good pair of headphones, i just got done using this to pump up the endorphens and stop all pain in my body. the down side i passed out for a good two hours after listening to this two times.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Feeling stupefied...

Well.... simple as can be Finally got my graphics card working in ubuntu multi monitor style...

All i had to do was download the correct driver for AMD64 environment and run it from a rebooted recovery console. sooo.

had to cd into my downloads directory and then run sudo sh ./
and i was golden!

on next boot into my x session i ran the nvidia-settings and i had a gorgeous twinhead setup! WOOT!

Haunting song, dont know what to make of this one.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Curing cancer with AIDS/HIV... WTH??

Researchers are looking into a field of genetically altered bio-engineered HIV by their description a "harmless" strain of the HIV virus to fight off and "cure" the human body of form of leukemia. original MSNBC article

A interesting take using a virus that has originally mistaken for the same form of cancer? what will they think of next.

And in related news a new experimental drug to cure "any" viral infection as hosted on our favorite geeky news site duh duh dah SLASHDOT.

I really want my own linear accelerator.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The whoes of running Startler 64bit edition....

So i guess its a good thing i am not just the only one out their pulling out his hair concerning a known bug with Debian Startler 64bit edition. Having a dickens of a time with this little audio bug concerning not being able to have more then one application using my sound card at the same time. They are recommending trying the pulse audio mixer to alleviate some of the issue. I will go ahead and now see if theirs anything to their suggestion and see what i can do to take this recommended course.

Sounds from this forum entry most folks are betting to kick the pulse audio to the curb.

These guys at recommending alsa-oss I do remember i installed this at one time ago and this resolved some of my sound issue rocking GL-Quake

Success! well at least partial success, can rock music while playing open arena!