Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The whoes of running Startler 64bit edition....

So i guess its a good thing i am not just the only one out their pulling out his hair concerning a known bug with Debian Startler 64bit edition. Having a dickens of a time with this little audio bug concerning not being able to have more then one application using my sound card at the same time. They are recommending trying the pulse audio mixer to alleviate some of the issue. I will go ahead and now see if theirs anything to their suggestion and see what i can do to take this recommended course.

Sounds from this forum entry most folks are betting to kick the pulse audio to the curb.

These guys at recommending alsa-oss I do remember i installed this at one time ago and this resolved some of my sound issue rocking GL-Quake

Success! well at least partial success, can rock music while playing open arena!

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