Thursday, August 11, 2011

Curing cancer with AIDS/HIV... WTH??

Researchers are looking into a field of genetically altered bio-engineered HIV by their description a "harmless" strain of the HIV virus to fight off and "cure" the human body of form of leukemia. original MSNBC article

A interesting take using a virus that has originally mistaken for the same form of cancer? what will they think of next.

And in related news a new experimental drug to cure "any" viral infection as hosted on our favorite geeky news site duh duh dah SLASHDOT.


  1. Three quick thoughts;

    1. "You're going to inject me with WHAT?"

    2. Isn't this the trick that created the Zombie hordes in the movie, I Am Legend?

    3. If you were going to re-write someone's DNA, because otherwise the cancer just re-grows itself, you'd almost have to use a virus to deploy the cure. It's exactly what nature designed the little critters to do in order to reproduce in the first place! Brilliant! [Except for the Zombies...]

  2. 1. exactly....

    2. yes it was the plot of the Richard Mathesons novel I AM LEGEND! and a whole slew of other post apocalyptic zombie movies... ;') makes you wonder when they will come up with something unique...

    3. Sure nuff.. the real fun comes when folks start adding other man made nano-tech to this. this also brings up another train of thought...

    duh duh duh, what is the definition of nano-technology? can man made biological agents be considered "nano-technology"


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