Friday, January 31, 2014

Ebike build.

So its been a few years in the making. I've owned this 1kW ebike kit for probably three years, the last time I have done any serious work with it was when I was living in Ralston Nebraska and that was with it installed on my dirty grease and sand abused Trek bicycle. At the time there were several things going wrong with that setup namely the years of abuse I logged on that frame as a gasoline powered outside only bike. 

Flash forward about three years with about 30 monthes of confidence boosting regular employment supporting external RAID devices I thought maybe I should just go for it. 

Now that I have been unemployed for about six month's I started running out of projects to work on as well funds I thought maybe I needed to see what I had squireled away in the rainy mad scientist lab. Low and behold I was able to find all the parts needed to get this up and running. 

Going to be doing some millage to watt testing manually with a multimeter this next week to see what kind of performance I can get from my rebuilt 36v 20Ah battery pack (3x 12v 20Ah gel cells). 

It would be a barrel full of monkeys to eventually investigate alternative and renewable on the go charging solutions and figure out some way to go about it open source. I particularly take a fancy towards solar and possibly augmenting it with wind power. 

Regarding adding solar panels to the bike I might be best looking into something I could roll up and pack away in a saddle bag like some of the options PowerFilm has to offer. 

Now regarding wind power I could purchase a fiber glass telescoping flag mast like below and do a vertical high visibility fabric like day glow orange/yellow kevlar for the flexible blades.

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