Monday, June 20, 2011

First steps to becoming a cyborg

Well around 12 noon Today i am taking the first few steps to becoming a cyborg. Ill be receiving my first micro SBC powered on ARM/PPC forged in the fires of *nix....

You hear it ill be receiving my GP2X Caanoo. I may play with it stock configuration but ill be ripping it apart isolating the main componants ill be incorporating in my first true wearable augmented reality computer system.

So in effect ill have the heart, output, and possibly a basic input system. next step will be to refine the UI/HID system. Theirs actually a couple routes i am contemplating taking concerning cross-breading a CHORD keyboard and some sort of modified EKG/input. preferably some sort body modification such as piercing's instead of using those nasty single use electrodes that are a butt load of money to be throwing down once every few days.

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