Friday, June 10, 2011

Thoughts about the corporate and non-profit government funded aerospace industrys.

Watching a little CRT based Zombie educing television, what a great show I stumbled upon called "Detonators, sheer force" on the Discovery science channel.

The topic of the episode was our current crude forms of placing man made Satellites into geosynchronous orbit. Come to think of it our only way at this time is to be put simply, take a multimillion dollar payload strap that onto another multi trillion dollar kerosene filled balloons. and cross your fingers you can get it up their without harming anyone and or having your insurance rates go up. That's our current state of the space race per say....

With that being said, it seriously makes my grey matter ache... Their has to be a better way with current resources. What when where and how the heck can we improve our access to these higher vectors?

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