Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Full time RV living in cold weather.

I have been contemplating taking the plunge and purchasing a RV and living in it full time to cut my living expenses.

So far i have come across a few drawbacks about this.

#1. My climate can get rather cold. some points of the winter it can get bellow 0 and often not get above the teens.

#2. Legal addressing. A few of my services will not deal with PO BOX's.

#3. Sewer, Fresh water, electrical, gas hookups. Electrical is easily solved with solar and wind turbines. Water, sewer, and gas is another thing. I might be able to build a reactor for my sewer waste put depending on local codes might not be acceptable.

#4. Then my motorized bicycle obsession.... were to have my shop, and storage area...

Cold weather Full time RV camping link

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