Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anyone interested in a little open source project?

Today i had a little spark of inspiration,

I've got wayyy to much free time on my hands in my current occupation. I'm thankful for the job, and the free time dont get me wrong. But seriously in need of a little project that would further the open source cause and lend some sort of internal warm fuzzy feeling combining possible life saving features to our country's finest.

Doing a little research and common sense i've come to a conclusion that some very essential tools are out of reach to many departments and or branches of local government. Such as more remote serifs departments, volunteer fire departments, disaster reaction teams.

The average cost of a big name produced reccon/ defence platform can swell well over sever thousand dollars. and to a point lack any progressive ingenuity to them, Give me a couple hundred dollars or free reign to a local scrap yard with necessary tools and materials the feasibility to build a better more enlightened and cost effective platform is a reality.

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