Thursday, July 21, 2011

Velo-Dream, and a world of fun exercise and renewable transportation.

Yet again i've found myself a little closer to realizing one of my dreams of becoming a little more self sustaining and health oriented.

I ended up purchasing a few more metal workings tools today, namely some safety equipment, and a 4" angel grinder that i used to fix up my exaust system on my Frankenstein toyota pickup truck. Can easily be re-purposed to chop up a couple of my old bicycles and or re-purpose key components such as steering tubes, bottom brackets and frame tubing.

At the time being i almost have everything i need to build the atomic Zombie Long ranger e-motorcycle. Minus the batteries, and 90 angel iron for battery cage, and steel tubing for the rear swing arm.

My probable next build will be something like the following, i might be using one of Atomic Zombies other delta or cargo trike plans depending on how well this guys long ranger plans work out for me.

Here is the actual Atomic Zombie "LodeRunner Cargo Trike" in action.

If you like the above PLEASE PLEASE Jump to the Atomic Zombie main page. Atomic Zombie

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