Saturday, July 30, 2011

Loving the new computer....

Well it might not be the most intense experience or the most bleeding edge computer system you can buy. But i can also admit to a point im rather blown away by extra horse power and joy of not being locked into a proprietary not to be named computer giant the ryms with "dude your getting a spell" im rather impressed. System specs are by far nothing to cough at a foxconn A74ML-k "AM3 board" and entry level Sempron A-140 with about 2 gig's of DDR2 with a mid size full ATX case with stock 400 watt PSU. at the bargain bin price of $140 at a brick an moartar local mom and pop computer store i think i got a great deal along with the warm fuzzy feeling only can be derived from helping the local economy.

There are things i do want to update of course update my mobo to a nice asus board, maybe get a multi core cpu, drop a better GPU in, and possibly update my psu. But for what i use it for i do not need much. For christs sake i have a 500GB WD Blue Sata disk installed, i only have a 40GB partition created on their and im only using about 20-30GB of that partition and probably about a good 80% of that data i could be fine without. What should i do with the someodd 450 GB of unallocated free space on this disk? Multiple OS installations???, i could start doing indy films, music production, render-farming, shoot maybe i should devote some core time to distributed computing such as setti

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