Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Motor-bicycle project update

I finally got the bike back up and operational, theirs a few tweeks i am going to be wanting to do to improve performance in the next few week on traditional gasoline/petro fuel source.

So far so good and a ton of thanks from www.motorbicycling.com forum member "The_aleman" for hooking me up with the correct bushing part number and suggestion to grab a bin washer to keep the new 4G transmission together.

Considering a few ideas i want to look into are as follows.

#1. Wood/coal gas fuel reactor. Either small enough to build onboard the bike, or feasibly have on a cargo trailer.

#2. GEET Fuel processor. Promising, but i am still a little weary seeing the whole snake oil aspect around the discoverer of the technology.

#3. Waste Vegetable oil fuel's. very optimistic about this, problem is i will need a whole new power plant/engine. These smaller diesel engines are not cheap, these beasts easily go for $250-600. and would classify me under a motorcycle, not very much looking forward to have to plate, have inspected, and insure another experimental vehicle. My understanding it is very much a pain to get a VIN etc assigned to a Frankenstein.

Some inspirational videos i found

Wood/Coal gas motor cycle
circa early 1900's

WoodGas generator nothing like free electricity!

Ford F250 running on downdraft gasifier

Mini bike briggs engine on gassifier

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