Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Motorized Bicycles/Moped obsession

I have been at this project for quite a few years. I am actually one
of the first guys in omaha to play around with these kits, so far its
been one heck of a hobby. Still rocking my original TREK frame, Its
probably about time i strip it down and redo the paint on the bike
frame and possibly do a little modifications to the bicycle frame like
welding in permy engine mounts so i can start rocking some rubber
bushings to cut down on engine vibration.
This current engine i am using is Chinese 50cc Honda clone. aka the HS
49cc 4/8ths crank shaft.
I got about a month and a half on the stock gearbox as you can see in
the attached web album before i had a serious malfunction in the stock
HOOT gearbox. I ended up doing a few other projects putting this
current project on the back burner until about a three weeks ago when
i ordered a replacement 4/G gearbox, new honda recoil starter and the
grubee HD axel (currently waiting lacing and installation).
Among some of my other similar projects i will be starting my Atomic
Zombie Long ranger electric motorcycle soon (if i dont get distracted
by some other nieve shiny new project).
Allready have the 1kw hub front hub motor, two brand new lead acid
battery, donor bicycle frames, and some angel iron for welding up the
custom battery box.
What ill be need now is nice DC speed controller, and possibly some
assistance in fabbing this all together. I have the PDF from AZ and a
entry level mig welder and all the safety gear. Might be cool to also
built a charge into it along with some solar panels that would fold
out at work to trickle charge the battery bank.
Here is my moped gallery.

Motorized Bicycles/Moped obsession

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