Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ebikes in the winter.

So today I got everything buttoned together on the basic ebike project of mine. Took it for a spin around the block with a full charge on my 36v 20Ah battery pack and about half way around in the 10 degree weather really started sapping my battery bank. Thankfully I was able to simply switch it into assist mode to get back to the apartment.

This kinda set off a brain storm, What do people do in cold weather to assist there EV setups? They either add insulation or heat. In this situation I think I might end up doing both to keep temperatures within operational parameters.

I give you the beta ubber cold weather ebike battery bag.

I absolutely cant wait to try this out tomorrow in the snow! And I am totally going to have to dig up my snorkel to reroute my hot breath through my clothing so my glasses and motorcycle helmet dont fog up. I got this idea from   from the following about blog post.

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