Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Angels are seriously scrambling for this one now.

I am choosing to share this wish with the world and the universe.

My wish.

I wish to have the abundant tools, energy, supplies, and experience to end fear,hunger, indifference, violence and oppression in the world.

To build a world my ancestors and my children's children will find a great abundance of peace and joy in knowing a world without evil of there own freewill and free-agency.

A world were people use there free agency to contentiously and subconsciously make the world a better place.

To share abundance with family, friends and my global community.

I wish on February 28th 2014 to win the 1 million a year for a very long and productive life then pass it along to my offspring so they can take care of there own offspring.

So we can correct whats wrong on this world so we don't corrupt other worlds when we eventually go off into the heavens to colonize other worlds, or build new ones like ring-worlds, Dyson spheres, and digital ones.

I truly want to give a better world to the universe.

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