Saturday, February 1, 2014

This is a good example of horrible journalism

Yet another example of horrible journalism and sensational knee jerk reaction our media and the war between the medical establishment and the illicit classification of time proven medicinal plants is going to eat us all alive like a giant blood soaked tumor.

A good Facebook friend of mine shared a article today regarding how authorities in the UK are trying to blame the "mysterious" death of young "healthy" single mother of two on medicinal Marijuana. 

Please feel free to read the above source article, It makes for a interesting reading experience and exercise in how to spot a big steaming pile of shit passed of as British journalism. 

After reading the article in full there are a few questions that send up red flags.

#1. Hearsay going on from the victims family and the paternal family side.
#2. Aspect that there are quite possibly some international interests involved here particularly with "an child abroad".
#3. The deceased was under the medical care and prescription of other "unknown drugs"  We dont know what perscriptions exactly she was on that may have had a interaction with body causing buildup of said "toxicity" or may have contributed to circulatory issues.

#4. Why are they labeling this as a "Cannabis toxicity death"

Oh well, I guess it brings up the old addage of not taking anything you find on the internet so seriously let alone whole heartedly gobble down any news as 100% truth.

The thing is everyone and I mean everyone has there own best interests at stake.

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