Monday, February 10, 2014

Experiments with 555 CMOS oscillator circuitry.

!!!! DANGER !!! 



I am not responsible if you do experience adverse reactions to this video or if you decide to replicate this experiment.

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Yesterday I was tearing up the garage in order to find some bicycle parts for my ebike build when I found my fathers old Radio Shack experiment lab. I was not able to find the part for the bike I was originally looking for but I did find the electronics lab along with a much needed visor for my DOT approved motorcycle helmet Gotta think safety...

Yesterday evening I picked up were I had left off with a simple 555 cmos oscillator circuit conveniently the first project in the supplied printed educational materials in the kit as well over here

Single 555 Oscillator circuit.

Here is my second circuit I assembled to see If I can drive two 555 IC's with separate variable resistors and control them separately. This is going to eventually build into either DC PWM speed controller for my bike or even cooler Ill eventually roll my own brainwave entertainment device aka analog bin-aural beat machine. I cant wait to chase that electro-etheogenic dream.

Fun times with dueling 555's

lights dimmed for full micro rave effect. Uhmph, uhmph, uhmph, da, da..

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